Deck the Halls


Kyra Barillier, Staff Reporter

For most, Christmas time reminds people to be thankful for all they have, show their appreciation of others, and enjoy spending time with family members. For others, it is just a reminder of a tough financial situation.

Throughout the school there are students and faculty sharing the excitement of the season with families who might not have the funds to provide the Christmas morning every kid dreams of by adopting a family.

Several organizations throughout the building have adopted one or more families this year. These groups include the band program, the foreign language department, and the newly formed Health Occupation Students of America, HOSA.

Senior Clayton Newburry participated in both years of the band program’s adopt a family project.

“We put up paper laminated christmas tree’s up in the band room with ornaments on them. Each ornament has an item on it and the band students are asked to take these ornaments and buy the gift printed on it,” Newburry said.

Each year, the foreign language department tries to raise as much money as possible. Sophomore Emma Campbell, a Spanish III student, is planning on participating in the foreign language competition.

“[The foreign languages] have adopted a family who has a kid who goes to FHC. All the Spanish classes are having a race with each other to see who can raise the most money and whoever does wins [a prize],” Campbell said.

Junior Hannah Puckett, is a member of HOSA and helped organize the club’s adopt a family.

“We chose to participate because part of HOSA is that we want to help the community and we thought it was a good way to get involved,” Puckett said.

Regardless of which organization students chose to donate money and items to, FHC students care about helping their school and the community around them and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.