Spartans defeat Trojans 21-20

Last year, the Spartan football team beat the Trojans in its first home game of the year. This year, history repeated itself, and the Spartans beat the Trojans again.

“[Our first win] felt very good,” senior defensive tackle Andrew Heuvelman said. “It gives us a positive outlook that will help us defeat the rest of out opponents.”

At the start of the summer, the football team could not call themselves a team, according to Heuvelman. However, soon before the team’s first home game, Heuvelman says that the team came together quicker than they did last year.

“Over the summer, we had weightlifting three days a week, seven on seven’s every Wednesday and three week long camps; that’s how we came together,” Heuvelman said.

After working hard over the summer, the team was not nervous for the game. They were just ready to play.

“We weren’t nervous; we were more excited,” Heuvelman said. “We wanted to start the season after all the hard work that we had put in over the summer.”

Next week, the Spartans are taking on the CBC cadets, but the team is looking forward to the rest of its season.