Swimming to success

As GAC’s come around the corner, the nerves and hard work really begin to flow.


A girl’s swim team member encourages her teammate to finish the race strong. With this attitude, the team believes they can take home a win at districts.

It’s rewarding to finally reach a goal when hard work is put in. Yes it takes time. Yes it takes practice, but it also takes a lot of heart and dedication.

Athletes know and understand not only the excitement, but also the nervousness of what a big game, tournament, or meet can entail. With everything you do, there has to be training and preparation in order to achieve the overall goal of coming out as number one.

As districts for our girl’s swim team approaches, the team comes together to strive and work as hard as ever to bring home the win. Sophomore and two year varsity swimmer, Carli Buchanan, talks about the team’s preparations for upcoming GAC’s.

“Our preparations for districts consist of rigorous workouts and pushing ourselves. The team as a whole understands what we need to do to become gold medal ready and it’s nice to go through that with your teammates because they ultimately are the ones that carry each individual,” Buchanan said.

There is always a push when trying to reach a goal, whether it be self motivation, or motivation from teammates, coaches, peers, etc. Sometimes it’s hard to get in the mentality of pushing yourself, but Junior and third year Varsity swimmer, Lydia Koehler, says the team holds nothing but optimistic thoughts.

“The mindset of the team is overall positive. It’s important that we keep clear headed minds only filled with positivity,”  Koehler said. “We know we need to work hard if we want to place high at GAC’s and we are going to take that knowledge and apply it to every practice and every upcoming meet.”

So far our girls swim team has been successful. From dropping times on individual races, to only losing twice out of the season out of 11 meets, it’s easy to say that this team puts in a lot of hard work. Returning senior Varsity swimmer, Marissa DiSalvo, talks about the overall success of the season so far.

“We have done fantastic this year; we only lost two meets out of eleven. We really try our best, but we’ll come back even better next year. There’s always room for improvement,” DiSalvo said.

With high hopes and hard work, the girls swim team is setting their sights on taking home the win at upcoming districts. Their positive mentality and sportsmanship will be the ultimate swim to success.