Teacher appreciation week: Mrs. LaMartina

English teacher connects with students on a personal level to help bring a lighthearted feel to the classroom

May 6, 2015

In the beginning of my sophomore year, I was cautious about my teachers, as all students are, but walking into my fifth hour English II class was a different setting.

From the start, Mrs. LaMartina was very welcoming to all her students as soon as we walked through her door. She made an effort to keep the classroom environment a positive one by always cheering up her students, especially when we were protesting against school work. She would counteract our arguments; not by threatening us with bad grades, as I’ve had teachers done before, but with just more kind reinforcement.

She really connected with us by sharing personal stories of how she grew up, which made me really like Mrs. LaMartina because she wasn’t scared to open up and it showed me her honesty as a person. With most teachers, I don’t feel connected to them because they’re textbook teachers and just give the assignment and that’s all you remember them by. I remember her as filling the classroom with lightheartedness with her quirky alarm sounds and creative imitate sentences ranging from her dog smelling bad or eating worms.

Mrs. LaMartina also showed optimism toward her students and their ability to succeed. She took the time to thoroughly explain subjects we struggled with, only something a teacher with compassion to educate can do. She even goes out of her way to text reminders for us to bring our SSR book or to finish our study island questions.

Mrs. LaMartina truly cares about her students and our work in her class, and I’ve never had a teacher as dedicated to it as her. I will always remember her as the nicest teacher I’ve had and any student should be thankful to have Mrs. LaMartina as a teacher.


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