Unknown causes force classes to overcome darkness

As the power went out at 8:45 a.m., classrooms filled with darkness. According to Principal Dr. Sonny Arnel, the cause of this is unknown for now.

Although the power was out, teachers such as Mrs. Ashley Wager and Mrs. LuAnne Scott continued their lesson plan. Mrs. Scott’s class continued with its dendrochronology lab because they had light coming in from exterior windows.

“We have plenty of light from the windows in here to continue our lab because it doesn’t require light,” Mrs. Scott said.

Unlike Mrs. Scott’s class, Mrs. Wager’s classroom is on the interior of the school; therefore, her classroom had no light from the outside, but that did not stop them from continuing their learning. Mrs. Wager, like other teachers with interior classrooms, was using flashlights to see within her classroom.

“We were supposed be doing something else, but instead were practicing vocabulary by playing heads-up, seven-up,” Mrs. Wager said.

Though Mrs. Dena Rulo also has an interior classroom, she was skeptical whether or not she should keep her door open because of the fear of an intruder. Despite this, she was using her class time to help students who had individual issues with their work.

At 9:01 a.m. the power came back on. By 9:05 a.m. the voice of Dr. Arnel came on the intercom apologizing to students and teachers for this disruption of class.

Once the cause of the power outage is known, further information will be provided.