Musically inclined Mossinghoff makes All-State

While some children were shy and hid behind their parents leg, senior All-State qualifier, Melissa Mossinghoff, found her way to shine through music.

“I’ve been singing, literally, for as long as I can remember; ever since I was little, I’d sing at the top of my lungs whenever and wherever I was.”

Mossinghoff has matured since then, and has been in multiple choirs including the Saeger Singing Sensations, throughout middle school; middle school choir, in seventh and eighth grade; the Metro 8 Middle School Honor Choir, in seventh and eighth grade; the FHSD Middle School Honor Choir, in eighth grade; FHC’s Treble Choir, as a Freshman; church choir; Women’s Chamber Choir, starting her sophormore year; All-District Honor Choir; and now All-State Choir. Since middle school, Mossinghoff has also been in “Once on This Island,” “Aladdin,” “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” “Urinetown,” “The Musical, Roger’s & Hammerstein’s Cinderella” and “Seussical: The Musical” — all school shows.

Not only has Mossinghoff been singing throughout her life, but it was passed on from her parents.

“It all began with my family,” Mossinghoff said. “My entire family is very musical, and it has been a part of our lives forever; it’s actually how my parents met.”

Not only is music a part of the Mossinghoff family’s life, but to Melissa, it is more than that.

“Music has always been an escape of mine and, ever since I was little; so much of my life has been centered around it,” Mossinghoff said. “Where music was my escape, singing was my way of putting my own emotion and interpretation on it and my own outlet.”

With this talent and hobby meaning the world to Mossinghoff, she was nervous for the audition until the time came for her to bring her emotion and soul to the table.

“My life had been crazy in the weeks prior to the All-State audition, but after a while, I got the hang of the piece,” Mossinghoff said. “I went in the audition room confident that I knew the song and that I would give it my best; there was nothing more that I could do.”

Despite her love in music and singing, Mossinghoff does not see herself having a future in music, due to the risky factor of job security.

“Music is something that I am not willing to let go of at any point in my life,” Mossinghoff said. “Whether or not I make a career out of it, I will most definitely keep performance and singing a hobby, and I’ll find a way to incorporate performance into my life.”