Work program allows students freedom, time to make money


Barb Hill

Students head out to their cars after checking out of school to head to work as part of the business department’s work program. To enroll in the program, students must have a consistent job where they can work a minimum of 10 hours per week to earn credit toward graduation.

Steven Cross, the coordinator of the work program, believes it helps students build their working skills for future careers. Seniors Abbie Rademacher and Kyle Sery signed up because it allows them to leave school early and lessens their school work load. 

Students in the program feel less stressed about school because they don’t have as many classes and have less homework.

“If I were to stay at school all day, I wouldn’t be able to have a job and deal with school at the same time,” Rademacher said.

People have said that now that they see people leave school early they regret not being able to sign up.

“If I chose not to join then I know I would have regretted it because I would have been forced with longer schools hours and I would have to deal with all the annoying people here,” Sery said.

It’s not always easy, there are requirements in the program, you have to be in Marketing or Business, you must be a senior, have a consistent job, and have to work at least 180 hours,  which is at least 10 hours a week.

Signing up for the program is not hard, students are informed every year about the it because the business teachers believe that every senior should have the ability to enhance their working skills.

“ The work program gives opportunities to increase vocational skills. It teaches kids a lot about the world of work, and a lot can be learned having a job that can be used for the rest of an individual’s life,” Mr.Cross said.

The state requires the program to have a total of 120 students enrolled each year, 60 from Marketing classes and 60 in Business classes.

“I recommend this to other students because who wouldn’t want to join?” Sery said.