No where to go, but down

Let’s talk about my grades, and we’ll see how far off I can get into a tangent, because I can’t really think of anything specific to talk about.

First off, last week I missed a couple days of school, because I just couldn’t handle being here. Sitting at school, upset, hurting like you can’t imagine, or stay home and lay down all day? I think I’ll choose to stay home.

As everyone knows, when you miss classes you get a little behind on homework. Apparently, my mother has been getting e-mails that I’m missing a whole bunch of assignments, and I’m not going to graduate. I don’t think she gets the concept of missing school, because I did those assignments, the teacher has yet to grade them, or put them in the system. Not my problem, bro.

I’m not even concerned about not graduating, I only need to pass my English course this semester, and maybe one or two more for elective credits. I have a 100 percent in two classes, and at least an A in two others. I don’t need my math class to graduate, but I’m not failing that, and I have history, which I’ve got a B in, and he just needs to put my essay grades in and it will all be okay.

But, does my mom believe me? Nope, she insists that I need more medical help. She’s thinking about institutionalizing me. I’m all for a couple weeks off of school, and some doctors trying to help me everyday, but really? A few missing assignments is no need to send me to a hospital. In a week everything will be straightened out. Plus, if she did send me away, I’d have even more missing assignments. They don’t look to kindly on sharpened pencils in the mental ward.

On top of the hospitalization, she wants to call my boss and tell him that I need less hours, which is not true. She wants me to quit too, but I won’t do it. I need more hours, if anything. They keep yelling at me, saying I need to start saving up money for college, because they’re only paying for tuition. One day it’s “[Maddy] you need to be saving your money, not spending it on your brother!” and the next day it’s, “[Maddy] you need to quit your job, you need time to sleep, and do your work. We’re gonna get you sent to a hospital if something doesn’t change. Why is your medicine making you like this?” Oh, and it’s not only the medicine that makes me ‘rebel,’ it’s also JJ, or whatever it is that they decide to be against on that particular day.

To complement the constant complaining, I always get the good ole drug test threat. This morning I had to move my mom’s car, and the first thing out of my dad’s mouth was, “have you taken a blood test today, are you sober?” Really dad? It’s 7 am. Yes, I’m sober, but you’re gonna push me to a life of no sobriety, if you keep this up. I’m sick of it all. 194 days until college.