Girls basketball team defeats Fort Zumwalt West

Lady spartans defeat Fort Zumwalt West after recent loss.


Belle Herrera

Lady spartan Lauren Ebert dribbles the ball across the court.

The girls varsity basketball team won the game on Fri. Feb. 6 against Fort Zumwalt West with a final score of 66-55.

Senior Emma Raup has been very successful this season, and she was more than excited to talk about the victory.

“We won! It was the first time we beat them in a long time,” Raup said.

The lady spartans had lost to West last time they had played them, and weren’t going to let them win the next time around.

“We played them last week and they put on this special press that just ruined us, and we lost by ten. So, we just practiced running against that, and we knew we could beat them.” Raup said.

Freshman Lauren Ebert was prepped and ready to win. The team had prepared beforehand and she knew the game was going to be fun and competitive.

“We had a prep practice, and before the game we talked in [Coach Hayley Leake’s] room, for film and stuff,” Ebert said.

The team had an excellent game, scoring baskets left and right. Specifically, a few members of the team left the game feeling extremely accomplished.

“We had four people in double digits,” Ebert said.

Not only was the team fired up, but the stands were packed with fans. The student section was filled and everyone was screaming and cheering on the lady spartans.

“Both sides had a big student section, so they’re all screaming and yelling, and yeah. I think that helped a lot,” Raup said.

The team members were extremely confident after their win. They knew they were going to do well and came out on top.

“We just shut them down. That was our plan,” Ebert said.