Tanning beds cause stir

I will never understand the draw to tanning beds. Not only are they expensive, but they are known to have damaging effects on people’s health. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer actually gave UV tanning beds the title of “carcinogenic to humans.” This title is a part of their highest cancer risk category. But you would never get skin cancer, right?

If skin cancer isn’t enough to get you to quit damaging your body, how about the premature aging and wrinkles? I mean, you’re fake-baking so that you look “attractive” but at the same time, you are making your body look like that of a 60 year old. Even with all the risks, you still want to get tan. Tanning beds are not the only way to get tan, though.

Natural sunlight, when exposure is in moderation, actually creates a longer lasting tan. Because tanning in the sun typically takes longer, the sun is actually allotted time to soak deep down in the skin — where as tanning beds only have around 10 minutes to make you tan. Of course, the sun can still be damaging, but it with moderation and sunscreen, it can be much safer and healthier for your body.

Sunless tanning lotions are a risk-free way to get a summer glow! Many complain that tanning lotions smell or make you orange, but with the growing popularity of tanning lotions, they have greatly improved the quality of these products! This is not the way you want to go if you want to get really tan really fast. These lotions take time — especially when applying them. Take caution when applying lotions to ensure you get a nice, even tan. I’ve used Neutrogrena “Build-a-Tan” lotion and was extremely satisfied with the results.

Spray tan is probably the second biggest tanning option after tanning beds. I typically don’t like spray tan because you have to be so careful after you get it done. The first time I got one I looked like I went to Mexico for two weeks — but when I got home, my dog licked my leg and I had a huge white spot for the next week or so. Additionally, spray tans can come off rather unevenly and make you look splotchy. But, if you’re just trying to get really tan the day before prom, spray tan is very simple solution.