Making a choice

As some of you may or may not know, I am the vice president of Francis Howell Central’s GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance). As such, I went to a workshop this past weekend in order to connect with leaders of other GSA’s in the area.

Part of one of our “ice breakers” was to write down several things about ourselves. One of these questions, “Who do you look up to?” gave me a little trouble. I don’t look up to anyone in particular, instead I choose to emulate bits and pieces of many people.

I believe that this gives me the greatest chances of being myself, and being an individual, rather than completely copying the way in which someone else lives their life, and as a result, nearly being that person.

Often I find that the little bits of people that I like the most are what makes them totally different from those around them, what makes them shine. These people choose to let their odd qualities take them forward in life rather than backward.

Now for those of you that don’t know me all that well, I’m not just some regular joe trying to tell others how to be different. I am a gay high school student, and that sets me apart in more ways than you would think. But have I let this take me down? Absolutely not! I unashamedly use it to my advantage.

Before I “came out,” life kind of sucked. I didn’t take pride in the one thing that really set me apart, and my happiness suffered as a result. Eventually, I found confidence in myself, and that’s when life got great. Since then I don’t get messed with, I have taken on leadership positions in many different areas, and I’m not afraid to let my voice be heard.

I made a choice to have confidence in what makes me, me, and was then able to fully realize what all makes me an awesome individual.

I challenge all of you to do the same thing I did. Make a choice to have confidence in what makes you different to take you forward in life. Otherwise, you’re only holding yourself back.

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