Piercing victory

On Tuesday, the Spartans and the Holt Indians to fend for the sectionals championship title. A very dull game. It wasn’t until the Indians scored that the Spartans motivation began to dawn. With just 3:25 left to play, senior Austin Pierce scored the winning goal for the Spartans.

“It was exciting to score the winning the goal. It bounced off their defender and hit me. I saw the opportunity, and I took it,” Pierce said.

Although a more than exciting win, Pierce admits it wasn’t his most exciting moment in his 13 years of playing.

“I think winning districts this year was the most exciting moment in my soccer career because I’ve been on a team that has won districts two year in a row,” Pierce said.

Pierce has improved dramatically since his first year playing soccer for the Spartans his freshmen year.

“I’m stronger on the ball and make better choices with it,” Pierce said, explaining how his wise decisions with the ball, helped him score the winning goal against Timberland to win conference and the winning goal against the indians to be win sectionals.

From the start of Pierce’s soccer career, he has been in training for the post season games the Spartans have played this year and those to come.

“Although JV games are at a completely different speed, my JV years definitely helped me these past two years on varsity,” Pierce said.

Enjoying nearly every moment being a Spartan, Pierce has very few regrets.

“I wish I would have worked harder my sophomore year, other than that I can’t think of any bad times in my soccer career,” Pierce said.

Despite Pierce’s enjoyable career with the Spartans, he admits that these next couple practices leading up to Saturday’s game will be brutal.

“We will practicing hard, but really, we have been preparing for this game all year,” said Pierce.

The possibility that the Spartans could advance further this year than ever before is certainly something that sparks motivation for the team.

“All year our goal was to go all the way and make it to Kansas City, and it’s in our reach, we aren’t giving up now,” Pierce said.