Rising anticipation

The boys basketball team is getting closer to it’s first game of the season, and senior Jeff Desir says the hype for the game is getting higher as the opener draws near.

“We are the last of the winter sports to play our first game,” Desir said. “So we are very anxious and excited.”

According to Desir, the anticipation from the team is increasing as well, and being the last program to play makes it more exciting to finally play. Since they have a few days until they play, the team is focusing on key point that Desir believes will help them succeed.

“Defense is the number one focus on our team right now,” Desir said. “Defense is key for any sport to be successful.”

The boys basketball team usually practices for no longer than two and a half hours every day, and they go over all the plays and strategies the coaches have put together to prepare themselves for their upcoming opponent.

Mr. Scott Thorpe, who is one of the basketball coaches, believes that though the season is early, the team should do well.

“We have a lot of returning players and a few new ones starting this season, and we are all looking for a great start to the year,” Thorpe said. “we just have to gel together and we will be successful.”

Coach Thorpe says the team is the second seed in the tournament, and if they work hard, and stick together, they will start of the year on the right track.

The team’s first game is Dec. 8, and they will be participating in the Hillsboro tournament.