Student plans a future in game developing

Junior Nickolas Shuler is currently dual enrolled at Lewis and Clark Career Center and FHC. Shuler is going to tech school in order to gain a better understanding of the skills necessary to develop video games, which he hopes to eventually do professionally. He takes a programming class at Lewis and Clark in which he will learn programming languages which are essential in creating video games. Similar to world languages, there are various forms and variations, which translates to there being different ways to code games. Some coding is more efficient than others just like some world languages are easier to learn and apply.

Shuler, whose favorite games include Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, and Borderlands 2, has been captivated and engrossed with video gaming since he was a tyke. He’s always planned on partaking in the gaming business world; now his aspirations are coming to light.

“[Outside of school] I’ve done basic design and storyboarding with a friend. I’ve also developed a game menu, but not much past that. I’m working slowly towards my goal,” said Shuler.

There are countless roles one can play in the production of a video game, from story writing to developing; from marketing to illustrating. However, Shuler has a relatively strong grasp on what angle he wants to take with video game production. He wants to focus more on programming and code writing than anything else and hopes to eventually employ himself as an independent video game creator.

“I think that would be the most entertaining and fulfilling route to go with,” he explained.

After he finishes at Lewis and Clark, Shuler plans on attending a professional tech school such as ITT Tech or one of the Art Institutes.

“I’m probably leaning more towards ITT Tech because [it] seems like it’s more geared towards the programming part of video game design compared to the course that the Art Institutes offer which is more of the model designs. Plus ITT Tech is closer [to home] than the Art Institutes,” said Shuler.