Merry modeling

On Feb. 5, the Parent Club of 2014 hosted the annual Prom Fashion Show. In order to raise money for Prom, members of Student Council nominated juniors and seniors to be models in the show. The models had “dates” for the fashion show that they modeled with.

“The partners were paired randomly, but [the director of the fashion show] let us choose if there was someone we knew better,” senior Becca Von said.

Von and junior Jeff Connor were partners for the show. Connor enjoyed the show and being a model.

“I went out on stage, did some flexing,” said Connor. “I showed off my fine partner, Becca Von, and smiled for the cameras.”

The models earned rewards for participating in the show. The girls were fitted for dresses at David’s Bridal, where they either borrowed a dress from the store or received a discount if wanting to purchase a dress. The boys were fitted for suits at Savvi.

“I received a goody bag full of coupons to Savvi, David’s Bridal and various restaurants,” said Connor.

The participants met twice after school to prepare for the show. Junior Kara Walters and her mother, who was the show’s director, had a lot more to do to prepare for the big night.

“My mom had to get the tuxes and dresses, had to get all the models to do fittings, find donations for flowers and find vendors to sell accessories,” said Walters. “We also picked out the music and lighting, found entertainment, and made tickets and programs.”

All in all, the preparation paid off as the fashion show was successful. The show raised $500 for Prom and the models enjoyed participating. Junior Charlie Grant performed stand-up comedy and the band Clockwork played to provide entertainment at the event.

“We all had a lot of fun on stage and off,” said Connor.