Magnet Tribune

Dear Magnet Tribune,

I was searching online for top rated publications when I stumbled upon your site. I happened to read a blog written about relationships by Susan Ginez, and I thought the article was very well done and opinionated well and really can make people really think about the true meaning of relationships. Another story I came across was written by Vivianna Resendez about “embarrassing things that you do as a kid aren’t as embarrassing as you get older”. The article interested me because on a personal level I can relate to doing embarrassing things as a kid, and how I feel about those moments as I got older.

I also watched a video your staff posted about two students, Eduardo Arredondo, and Travis Elias who play the french horn heading to All-State, which looked very well put together and of great quality.

Your school publication seems very well put together and very professional, two qualities I think are key for a good publications staff. I will continue to look at articles your staff continues to post. Great job and keep up the outstanding work!

-Jeremy Karp