Battling through the errors

Gracie Kruep, Staff Photographer

     In a tough match against conference rivals, Francis Howell North, the girls volleyball team battled out 3 sets to claim victory over the Knights. Winning the first set, the Spartans felt confident that they could walk out of the match with a win, but when the second set rolled around, the girls were met with a determined Howell North team. After multiple errors and frustrating plays, the second set went to the Knights.

     Sophomore setter, Emily Mundle, was a huge part in leading the team to victory, “To win against North, we knew we had to stay focused. We all showed how much we wanted and needed to win that game and we pulled together and played really great volleyball.”

     After a tough fought third set, the Spartans came out on top with a win. Showcasing their hard work and focus.The girls will continue to work on their skills to ensure another victory over Howell North on September 26th, on the Knights home court.