Taking to the Net

A new season; a new beginning. Tryouts are over, with the girls volleyball teams ready to bring success to the court. Practices are going strong, shaping the team into the hard working players that they are.

“Practices are good, but tiring. I feel like we’re getting closer as a team; we’re bonding well,” said Mary Kate Berck, a senior on the varsity team.

Before the season’s games begin, the teams are coming together to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

“All of the girls on the teams are really hard working,” said freshman Shannon Herd; a player on the freshman team. “I can tell that they’re going to put in the best effort that they can.”

With games approaching at a rapid pace, calendars should be marked with the best games to come and see. Howell, a tough competitor, is no match for our Howell Central teams.

“They’ve always been our competition; they definitely keep us on our toes,” a sophomore on the JV team, Sara Murphy, said.

Although the players are looking forward to the Howell game, that is not the only game to see.

“I feel like Rock Bridge is going to be really good competition, along with Troy,” said Berck.

For the freshmen, getting the chance to play is a new experience. For the sophomores and juniors coming back to conquer, and the seniors who are ready to dominate, this season will be one for the record books.

“I like to play because it’s competitive,” said Berck. “It’s just an exciting game to watch.

Volleyball, a fun sport to watch for some, and for others, a lifestyle. The FHC volleyball teams are ready to play, and nobody can stop them.