Rehearsals for “See How They Run” begin

With the cast and crew announced on Aug. 30 for the fall production of “See How They Run,” rehearsals have begun and the new, as well as some veteran, performers are ready to show off their talent and hard work. Out of the 40 students who auditioned, nine stood out and were chosen to portray the characters of this year’s fall production.

Freshman Mackenzie Morris, who is starring as Penelope Toop, has waited two years to get a chance to participate in an FHC production.

“I have always loved acting and it’s always been one of my greatest passions,” Morris said.

Because it was her first time auditioning, Morris was very anxious and nervous, and she never even expected to get a part.

“I went into auditions hoping for any part I could get,” said Morris. “When I found out I got the part of Penelope, I got so excited that I felt like I couldn’t breathe.”

Senior John Emery, who starred in past productions such as “Kiss Me Kate” as Bill Calhoun and “The Boys Next Door” as Jack Palmer, is excited he was chosen to play the role of the Bishop of Lax.

“I really didn’t audition for a certain part,” said Emery. “I was going to be happy with whatever role I was given.”

As he auditioned, Emery was excited, as well as a little anxious, but his past experience helped him keep his cool and earn him a role in the play.

“Every time I audition for a part, I get a little nervous because you never know what you can expect,” said Emery. “But the whole process also becomes a little more natural each time.”