Defeated by Howell

Softball season is in full swing! JV beat Webster on Sept. 5, varsity defeated Westminister 23-9 on Sept 9, and freshmen have yet to play another game.

Varsity played a tough game against Howell on Sept. 10. They came in knowing it would be a difficult team to beat. Unfortunately, they only managed to get two hits, not enough to out-score Howell. The game ended with a score of 5-0.

“We knew Howell’s pitcher would be really good,” said junior Satiah Duval, a first baseman for varsity. “She was really fast, and we just needed to adjust to that from the slower pitcher from the last game.”

Score is but a number. Varsity kept their heads held high throughout the entire game and was optimistic about the outcome.

“We played good, and Howell showed us that we need to work on our hitting,” said Duval.

Varsity also played Troy on Sept. 11. With their heart set on having a favorable outcome of the game, varsity showed up early for warm ups to make sure they were 100% ready to play.

“We need to really focus, but it should be a fun game,” said Duval.

To warm up, varsity practices their catching and hitting along with stretches and a motivational speech.

The next big tournament for softball is during the weekend of Sept. 21 and 22 hosted at FHC.