Each name with a keychain

Student Council has added a sub-group to recognize teachers at FHC


Kierigan McEvoy

During the preparation for the gift giving in Mrs. Dennigman’s room, this is what the key chains looked like. Most have chosen to use the key chain as is,but some have simply kept them as a mementos from the school.

Ian Ingram

A club at this establishment has recently been found out for a secretive act that the majority are not aware of. They tried to keep it under wraps, but now we know what they have gotten away with. Student Council gave the teachers of FHC keychains for to show their appreciation for what teachers do.

It may seem miniscule and silly from a glance but there is a strong sentimental element related to these acts of kindness. Usually, when this special week comes around in May, students don’t really care. It sounds harsh but the truth is that our daily schedules are so jam packed with AP classes and sports that we don’t get a chance to slow down and appreciate the people in our life.

“[My favorite part was] seeing one of my teachers accept the gift. He was kind of like, ‘I don’t know if I’ll use this…no I will’ – it was funny but at the same time I was like, ‘I did that,’”  junior StuCo member Abby Turner said.

It is through moments like these that students are able to converse with teachers on a deeper level. It is through breaking out of our comfort zone that students can make teachers  feel more at home, more appreciated.

The gift giving was headed by two officers of the club, juniors Kierigan McEvoy and Turner. Along with other members, the group stayed after school to prepare the keychains for the teachers of the school. According to club sponsor Stacy Dennigman except for actually ordering the keychains, the rest of the keychain gifting was completely done by students.

“I liked talking about what the teachers have been doing and everybody saying the reasons why they liked their … teachers,” said Abby Hickman about her favorite moment in the process.

Since the rest of the nation celebrates Teacher Appreciation week in early May, StuCo is getting a head start. The Teacher Appreciation group will be doing more acts of kindness for the staff throughout the year.  

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