Making a Statement

Freshman boys soccer takes the initiative to improve their season.


Jackson White

FHC player leaves behind goalkeeper at the top of the box to score goal.

Kaitlyn Nixon, Yearbook Editor


“We practice everyday and work on focusing during the game. I think we’ll improve for future I games,””

— Jason Moore

At the freshman level, no one really pays much attention to their games and season. With a current impressive record of 6-2-1, freshman boys soccer has shown they have much more to prove than just being young and new. Having three games left in the season, the team has to find the motivation to put their minds in focus to finish the season. Freshman Connor Streich explains the importance of letting go of expectations and going into the unknown.

        “We prepared by knowing that last time we won, but we went in knowing that we’re not necessarily going to win but we still go out and play strong,” Streich said. “The other team can always come back stronger from last time.”

             Scoring one of the first goals of the first game against Fort Zumwalt West was a major highlight of the season for sophomore Jordan Rite.

  “It was very thrilling because when you score, your heart feels like it’s just pounding and the crowd’s yelling, your teammates are yelling so it’s really cool,” Rite said.

         Communication is key to accomplishing any goal. Without it, there can be very tough repercussions, and in regards to soccer, it may come down to losing a game or giving up the ball in a high stress situation. Although the team’s wins outweigh the losses, it doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling with technical and general skills. One of the main issues the team is having is their communication with each other. According to Rite, as a center defensive midfielder, he finds it tough to effectively communicate with his teammates. Rite recalls a particular game against St. Dominic where they demonstrated FHC’s weakness well.

         “They communicate really well, and they’re very fast with the ball and kept up with the pace of the game,” Rite said.

              As the season draws near a close, the team is hopeful to come out victorious against their next opponents. With such a limited time to do so, the team is focused in on how they are going to solve the current issue of communication, and enjoy the moment. Their next game is against Holt high school on Oct. 8th. Freshman Jason Moore tells the team’s current plans to prepare.

“We practice everyday and work on focusing during the game. I think we’ll improve for future I games,” Moore said.