The real murder mystery

Unboxing society's obsession with murderers and their crimes

The Killer Jobs podcast, one of the most prevalent podcasts. It is recorded in St. Charles, MO.

The Killer Jobs podcast, one of the most prevalent podcasts. It is recorded in St. Charles, MO.

Chris Stanfield

Chris Stanfield

The Killer Jobs podcast, one of the most prevalent podcasts. It is recorded in St. Charles, MO.

Isaiah Salin, Staff reporter

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Chris Stanfield sits down to record his podcast about murderers and their lives. He exhales as he straightens out his notes, and begins to record for the week.

In this new era of murder entertainment, the way people see murder has changed drastically. For listeners of popular St. Charles podcast “Killer Jobs,” a podcast about killers and their lives, murder becomes entertainment. For Chris Stanfield, the creator and narrator of the podcast, homicide is seen as more than just a crime, and is much deeper.

I find the contrast in the horrible things that serial killers did and the mostly normal lives they lead to be very interesting,” Stanfield said.

People become very interested in murder because of the stark contrast between terrible crimes, and the lives that criminals lead. The story is what brings the reader back every time; the insider information on the murderers is something found nowhere else.

“These killers are like a real-life version of a monster, it is like learning the villains from movies exist and getting to learn about them,” Stanfield said.

Stanfield has found his niche in writing podcasts about true murder stories and has captivated his vast audience.

“Every week, it’s exciting to research about a person known for doing horrible things and find out ways they relate to everyday people.” Stanfield continued.

The new era of entertainment has been ushered in by the newfound fascination of murder and serial killing. The people at the head of this new era, like Stanfield, have brought more attention to the industry of murder entertainment.  

Natalie White, sophomore, is captivated by the mystery of murder and enjoys reading up on BuzzFeed murder stories.

“Watching the videos about murder and serial killers on BuzzFeed is really interesting. Especially the weird ones,” White said.

The videos White is alluding to are the documentaries on YouTube and the ‘can you solve the murder mystery’ stories. The documentaries are about murder mysteries that have never been solved, that BuzzFeed reporters have dug back into.

Another popular murder podcast, “Sword and Scale” has also captivated its listeners with interesting and true murder stories, that delve into the details and grit of the murder story.

“We envision “Sword and Scale” becoming the most respected and well-known true-crime radio broadcast in the world,” host Mike Boudet said.

The “Sword and Scale” podcast has the audacity to become the largest crime podcast, and the audience to become the largest.

[We don’t] cover fictional tales on “Sword and Scale”… we love talk radio and we love the true-crime genre.” Boudet said.

The “Sword and Scale” podcast has had extreme success working in the genre of non-fiction murder stories and continues to draw a large audience due to their dedication and perseverance.

For all the adamant and devoted murder fans, the new era of murder entertainment has been well-received and will continue to flourish.

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