Onto the next volley

Boys tennis lose to Timberland but remain optimistic.


Seth Wilcox, Staff reporter

Returning back to the home court after two away games, the boy’s tennis team faced off against Timberland on Monday. Many of the players lost their games, but sophomore Alexander Powell believes his team was successful in their game.

“I think I did pretty well,” said Powell. “I played with Sam Schwarm against Timberland… [but] I think we did good.”

With the weather turning hot, many of the boys are having a harder time with the heat. Junior Jacob Rehr attributes the heat to some of the problems they faced during Monday’s game.

“It was hot out there, everybody was hurting from the heat. You had the humidity and we got hit with this fresh Missouri sunshine,” said Rehr.

Although the heat and humidity was difficult to deal with, the boys pushed through and put up a good fight against Timberland. Sophomore Connor Sullivan feels that his team fought their hardest and put in their best effort.

“My team performed overall pretty well,” said Sullivan. “Overall team morale was up and everyone was trying their hardest.”

Many of the boys agree with Sullivan and think their team played their best and made great plays during their games.

“We have the right attitude, we go out there and we have the ambition to win. We want to get out there and play our hardest,” said Rehr.

Though multiple boys lost their games against Timberland, they are striving to get better with their technique and skills.

“We’re working on getting up closer to the net more whenever we’re playing and communicating with our teammates. Also moving our feet quickly and being ready for the ball,” said Sullivan.

Others are trying to improve themselves to get to the level of the varsity players.

“We’re really trying to get to the level of our varsity players… so we can really up the game for everyone,” said Rehr.

Their next home game is May 2nd at 3:30, and the boy’s tennis team is pumped to win.