Band program to add new ensembles

There are three new after-school groups starting February 4, 2010 to Francis Howell Central, and they are the Woodwind Choir, the Brass Choir and the Percussion Ensemble.

“We started these ensembles in order to add to the music program overall and for students to receive more individual attention on their own instrument in a smaller setting,” said Band Director Nathan Griffin.

Mr. Griffin will run the Percussion Ensemble, while Mr. Andy Messerli will run the Brass Choir and Mrs. Shannon Wilburn will run the Woodwind Choir.

“Rehearsals will be broken down into what we call a ‘master class,’ where we will listen to examples of music played by our instrument family, and then we will actually get into playing music written for our specific family,” said Mr. Griffin.

“I feel like the master class is going to really improve my flute-playing ability,” said junior flautist Sarah Kohl.

While it’s not a huge commitment, students are expected to make the time to come to each rehearsal so that each band is ready to perform for the spring band concert and to compete at the spring contests.

“We hope to have a consistent number that will last for our shows,” said Mr. Griffin.

Students have heard the news, and like Kohl, other students plan to join when the clubs start up.

“I’m excited to learn more about music and my instrument,” said senior Emily White, a trumpet player who plans on joining Brass Choir.

Students must be currently enrolled in a band class in order to join.