Hockey team unites, works cohesively

In spite of missing players, the hockey team came out of their game against Wentzville Holt victorious.


Francis Lunatto

The Spartans face off for the puck at the beginning of the game. The Hockey team won their game against Holt 13-2.

For the hockey team, a huge factor in the outcome of each game is the cooperation of the team and how well they work together. Because of the frequency of players missing games due to being out of town or otherwise unable to play, the team has had to learn to adapt to a shortage of players.

On Jan. 17, at their game again Wentzville Holt, the team benefited from most of the players being present. This was reflected in their final score of 13-2.

“We scored a lot because we worked very well as a team– it was fun,” senior Justin Allen said. “We’ve been up and down because we miss a lot of players…but when they are there, we work really well.”

Among the players that contributed to the team’s score was senior Mitch Miller. According to Miller, having fewer teammates at games requires the rest of the team to place more focus on teamwork. However, having fewer players allows for individuals to shine, with more opportunities to score.

“We only had 12 players, so we had to focus a lot on teamwork, but we had more ice time,” Miller said. “We had more shots on goal than we usually do– their goalie was really bad, so many of the shots went in.”