Central skates over Howell

Last Saturday’s hockey game was one most Central fans were anticipating: Howell vs. Central, one of the biggest Howell rivalries the district has. Within the first period, both teams had scored a goal. Senior Alex Syrigos was the first one to score a goal for Central.

In the second period, the game was starting to get more heated; both teams wanted a win, so they were playing with more force and passion. It was a race against the buzzer to see which team would score the first goal. In attempts to score a goal, senior Anthony Bonner broke the blade of his stick. Since the players are not allowed to play with a broken stick, he threw it on the ground and skated after the puck. Once he met up with the puck, he attempted to kick it away from a Howell player with his skate.

After that dilemma, Syrigos had scored two goals back to back. With those goals, the game was tied once again at 3-3.
By the time the second period ended, Central had gained four goals: two by Syrigos, one by junior Adam Otten and the other by junior Chris Vineyard.

With Central winning by one in the start of the third, hopes were high. Senior Jordan Roberts, had scored a goal making the game 4-6. Central was now winning by two and Howell’s coach was getting nervous. He took his goalie out of the net, so there was an open net on the Howell side. The crowd was roaring with excitement. With a few minutes left in the game, Syrigos had received the puck and was making his way down the rink. He was in the clear, gliding the puck safely into Howell’s net. Central had won the game.

“Central is on fire,” said junior Matt Tharp. “We are going to win this upcoming tournament.”