Wall of Fame gives recognition

Coming back from winter break, students were surprised to find a newly decorated wall entitled “FHC Wall of Fame” located in the hall leading to the cafeteria. The purpose: students who do well in school academically are rewarded with the recognition of having their picture on the Wall of Fame.

Similar to the Student of the Month award, the Hall of Fame is designed to provide students with motivation to do well in their school work. Unlike Student of the Month, many more pictures can fit onto the new wall so that there’s a much better chance of any given student to get his/her picture upon said wall.

“It would be great to come back to visit after graduation to see my picture on the wall and know that I made a difference in my high school,” said senior Cameron Aldrich.

Having been decorated in our school colors with pillars and shelves, the Wall of Fame adds cosmetic appeal to that particular part of the school.

“The big silver letters makes it look like a legit Hall of Fame, so it adds to the awesomeness of being a Spartan,” said junior Bailee Jolene.

For some students, this wall is the kind of recognition system they’ve been waiting for. After all, only a handful of students are chosen for student of the month and achieving perfect attendance just can’t be reached by some. For these students, being the wall of fame would be a dream come true.

“It would be a dream come true for my picture to be put on that wall,” said freshman Kayla Schneider.