Print maker visits Print Making classes

On Jan. 25 the Print Making II classes had a special guest, a print maker and internationally known artist by the name of Tom Huck, who owns a print shop in St. Louis called Evil Prints.

“He told us about how he was famous, but not rich, and he talked about his shop. I liked how passionate he was about what he did,” said senior Zoey Price.

Huck has art work in several museums including St. Louis Art Museum, Whitney Museum of Art, Milwaukee Art Museum and several others.

“He did an all-day workshop,” said Mrs. Michele Ridelin. “He demonstrated relief printing and modeled a print and then students got to make their own prints to use the new skills that they had learned.”

Huck brought in a plate for each student who attended the workshop. Each plate was an original with his personal signature.

“The workshop helped me further develop my skills and show me different ways to do print making,” junior Morgan Otey said.

Along with with tips on print making, Huck discussed his own art and his personal experiences as an artist.

“My favorite part of the work shop was when he told us his stories and about personal experiences. He is a really talented artist,” said Otey.