Victims transformed into abusers

Everyone loves the victim. People love siding with the person who is being violently mistreated and sometimes even feel a sense of pride as they smirk to others telling them of how this poor little innocent person was savagely manipulated by this rotten villain.

I am not saying victims of sex trafficking are not truly victims, nor am I saying that these pimps who control these girls should not be punished for their actions. In the end, one must always pay for their actions.

A common question may be, “What causes a person to do something so vicious and vile to a person?”

Why do they do it?

The answer may come as a slight shock. Most of the time these pimps have gone through physical abuse when they were younger. Many pimps struggle with this need to constantly be in control. As one can see they have full control over any of these girls at any time. Some pimps may be doing this mostly for the money, but they still feel the need to constantly control and know what is going on. Pimps can also be very paranoid as to what these girls are saying or doing. They are very protective of their product but also know exactly what to do to keep these girls in line.

It is quite interesting to see these victims of the past now becoming the abusers. This is actually extremely common in a lot of abused kids and adults. Unfortunately, people who are abused do not know exactly how to control their feelings. There is a lack of control in the inside which, in turn, causes these people to lash out and attempt to control their surroundings. These people are willing to receive love in any shape or form, some may say that this is the farthest thing from love, but in the eyes of a person who has never experienced a parental love, their view causes them to see love as something that needs to be controlled.

These traumas have a great impact on many of the villains of today. I believe pimps must still receive punishment for their actions. They have the ability to control their future and no one else does. However, with all of this said, one still must show some type of compassion for these people. It is rare for a person who is physically abused to have someone come into their life and show them what it means to love without the need for power. If we can provide this mentoring program I can only wonder how greatly this would affects sex trafficking.