Relay race helps boys swim bond

The boys swim team placed fifth place at their relay race hosted by Fort Zumwalt.


Jacelyn Blattel

One of the Spartans’ swimmers participates in a race.

Melissa Wyas, Odyssey Copy Editor

This past Saturday, the boys’ swim team competed at the Fort Zumwalt relay meet. The team placed fifth, missing fourth place by just a few points. However, the team enjoys competing here because of the unconventional relays they swim there. Junior TJ Buchanan sees the meet as an opportunity to scout out the competition, while having a little fun.

“The relay meet is a good way to see where some other teams are in there season, but it’s really fun because most of the relays aren’t serious relays.” said Buchanan.

Sophomore Michael Lippincott also likes swimming these relays.

“It’s not a traditional meet. It’s cool races like underwater relays, where you have to swim underwater the whole time.” said Lippincott.

Even though the meet had unusual relays, the team was still swam their best.

“Central placed in the top three in a lot of our relays. That felt pretty good,” Buchanan said.

Lippincott was one of the swimmers to place in one of those races.

“My relays got second and third in our medley and the 400 breaststroke. Some of our guys dropped time and we all swam well,” said Lippincott.

Freshman Cameron Zalmanoff believes the team’s success came down to great teamwork.

“We work really well together, which is definitely important when it comes to relays. Our teammates always cheer us on, and even though we didn’t get first, fifth place was still cool.” said Zalmanoff. Now, the boys are focusing on their next meet.

“We have little things we need to work on at practice to shave off time, like our flip turns.” said Zalmanoff.

“We’ve been working on starts and turns, which will benefit the entire team. But, me personally, I’ve been working on my kicking.” Buchanan said. Tomorrow’s meet will be against Chaminade, and the team will have to bring their best to come out on top.

“It won’t be an easy meet for us tomorrow. Chaminade is a private school so obviously we’ll be met with some tough competition.” said Buchanan.