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Review: “Modern Vampires of the City” by Vampire Weekend

Blake Beck May 15, 2013

Just recently I happened to stumble upon Paul Simon’s classic album “Graceland” while scrounging through my dad’s vinyl collection. I only knew Simon as the other half of Simon and Garfunkel before...

Mr. Dauve

Blake Beck May 6, 2013

I generally like to keep my interactions with teachers at a bare minimum, but that’s not to say there aren’t any special teachers that I enjoy talking to. The teacher I’m about to praise is definitely...

I got 99 problems and “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack is one

Blake Beck May 2, 2013

Nothing screams 1920’s West Egg like a little bit of Beyonce and Andre 3000. Lets not forget, however, that the upper-class during the Roaring Twenties also jammed to while they rode through...

Superman returns

Blake Beck April 22, 2013

I’ve always avoided Superman like Superman avoids kryptonite. The idea of a near invincible superhero with superhuman strength and flight just doesn’t interest me quite like his mortal counterparts....

Review: “Kiss Me, Kate”

Blake Beck April 12, 2013

Just 24 hours prior to opening night of “Kiss Me, Kate,” the Spotlight Players were forced to abruptly end their dress rehearsal due to a tornado warning in the area. The extreme elements outside forced...

Remembering Roger Ebert

Blake Beck April 8, 2013

I couldn’t really tell you what drew me towards the art of journalism. Maybe it was Bernie Miklasz’s column in the Post-Dispatch? Or perhaps it started with that first time I opened an issue of Rolling...

Always and forever

Blake Beck April 2, 2013

Things that made you “cool” in fifth grade: a pair of $70 Etnies, a Livestrong bracelet, and a Ziploc bag containing a combination of sugary powders, otherwise known as “happy crack.” But the...

Review: “Afraid of Heights” by Wavves

Blake Beck March 28, 2013

For being just 26 years of age, Wavves’ frontman Nathan Williams has lumped together a pretty impressive résumé. His second full-length, “Wavvves,” garnered rave reviews from music critics, he...

Review: “Wondrous Bughouse” by Youth Lagoon

Blake Beck March 20, 2013

Kevin Powers, the mastermind of Youth Lagoon, broke out onto the indie music scene in 2011 with his debut album, “The Year of Hibernation,” which showcased his talent and potential. Its dreamy, lo-fi...

Top tweeters on Twitter

Blake Beck March 5, 2013

Twitter has quickly evolved into a social media network full of unfunny parody accounts and petty subtweets, making it almost unbearable to visit on a routine basis. That’s only if you’re following...

Coming up short

Blake Beck February 24, 2013

Netflix is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? The ability to instantly stream hundreds upon hundreds of movies and television shows is a dream come true, and my latest perusing of of the streaming service...

Spotlight Players enter the spotlight

January 17, 2013

Over the weekend, The Spotlight Players attended the Missouri State Thespian Conference, which took place at the Renaissance Grand Hotel in St. Louis. The conference featured competitions and workshops...

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