Sara Martens

Mary Niebur

May 7, 2012

There are over 124 teachers at Francis Howell Central, although they are all excellent and qualified teachers, only a few of them go above and beyond to actually make each and every student feel special and help them to succeed in not only their class, but in other areas of school as well. When you...

Students success earns them the silver shield award.

April 5, 2012

Every year, the Silver Shield award is given away to certain students from teachers who thought that student deserved the award in one way or another. The award is an honor to receive, according to junior Emily Snider. “Winning an award of this caliber really boosts my confidence!” senior Drew...

StuCo plans upcoming dog show

Mary Niebur

February 17, 2012

Last week, Student Council handed over a $5000 check to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for a seriously ill girl at the pep assembly. This was an over whelming experience that felt really rewarding to do according to the StuCo president Sara Giocolo.   “I’ve never personally donated to the Make-A-...

StuCo’s outstanding success at the Mother/Daughter spa day

February 10, 2012

Whether raising money for charities, or hosting crazy competitions and events either for the school or just for a laugh Student Council is always doing something for others. One of StuCo’s most recent events was for the Make-A-Wish Foundation which included raising money for a seriously ill 16 ye...

New School messenger notifies students of snow days

Mary Niebur

December 7, 2011

As the temperature drops lower and lower each day, and a chance of snow is more likely then a chance of rain, school districts in Missouri are preparing for the winter and the snow days that come with it. District letters are being sent out to students to notify their parents about what should happen if...

Pawlowski focuses on student relationships as a mentor

Mary Niebur

September 23, 2011

Senior mentoring is a very important job that requires setting a good example for the lowerclassmen, according to senior Nikki Pawlowski. “I love being a mentor and helping the lowerclassmen” Pawlowski said. The program has many different roles that upper classmen fill. A few subjects that the men...

Senior mentor program has over forty students

Mary Niebur

September 6, 2011

This year’s senior mentoring program has over fourty seniors and juniors helping out the guided study halls and success classes. Although students do get credit for being a senior mentor, becoming one is not as easy as just writing down what classes they want to take each year. There is a process st...

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