Present Through The Pain

Injured junior Sophie Delaney slaps hands with junior Gracie Stugart during introductions of the team's 55-54 victory over Lutheran St. Charles on Dec. 6.

Alyssa Bernier, Staff Reporter

December 29, 2019

Sitting on the bench. Watching their teammates both struggle and dominate on the court. Watching the gleam of adrenaline they remember so clearly come off the girls with every shot taken and pass made. The sweat trickling down their foreheads is a reminder of the sport they yearn to be able to play a...

The cheer team takes on glorious homecoming week

The varsity cheerleads walk at the homecoming parade showing their school spirit as they smile at children

Alyssa Bernier, Staff reporter

October 2, 2019

School spirit, loud music, screaming students, pumping adrenaline, fanatical dancing; all aspects students embrace during the iconic homecoming week. Athletes especially feel the effects of this wonderful yet stressful week full-on. As representatives of school spirit, the cheer team strives to embra...

Off to a Sensational start

Sensations march down the track as a group, preparing for the season ahead. The girls are very close with each other, owing well to their  success as a dance team.

Alyssa Bernier, Staff Reporter

September 19, 2019

Varsity Sensations are off to a sensational year. Their ability to form a strong bond while working hard allows them to succeed exceptionally. Just by watching these sensations perform, it is clear that the amount of teamwork and dedication these girls have truly allows them to shine on and off the da...

Missing a piece to their musical puzzle

Mr. Nathan Griffin speaks with members of one of the school bands.  The Jazz Band is in search of a bass player to round out its sound.

Alyssa Bernier, Staff reporter

September 13, 2019

Walking through the hallways, one can hear the glorious sounds of instruments harmonizing in the echoing of the school, carrying mesmerizing tunes from classroom to classroom. It transforms the somewhat quiet school environment into an array of beautiful vibrations that please the ears of everyone luc...

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