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Posing for homecoming our senior year began our list of lasts with each other. The seven school dances we went to were always a fun way for us to introduce our friends to each other and dance the night away, with little worries. Photo courtesy of Anabel Gundersen

Relationship Redirection

Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter May 22, 2023

Blasting “I’m Full” by Wallows, driving on 94 with the windows down and my sunroof open with a warm breeze flowing through my car, I’m on my way to my boyfriend's house. It’s a good day. I couldn’t...

Grand Marshal, Ms. Fay, address the senior class on April 14th at graduation practice. While this isnt her first time being grand marshal, Ms. Fay was honored to be chosen again, [to] any teacher chosen, [this] means more to us than Teacher of the Year, because its by our students that were chosen. Photo by Matthew Schott

Generating Graduation

Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter May 18, 2023

As the end of the school year approaches, murmurs and whispers begin to fill the hallways and classrooms about graduation nearing closer. For the class of 2023, graduation will be held at 8:30am, June...

State champion wrestler, Aidan Hernandez arises the crowd after succeeding in beating his opponent. Hernandez finished his wrestling career with an 161-14 record. Paul Halfacre, Special to

State Sentiments

Anabel Gundersen , Staff Reporter March 7, 2023

On February 25th, at 7:28pm, there wasn’t much going on here. However, at Mizzou Arena, in Columbia, Aidan Hernandez’s left arm was raised, announcing he was a state wrestling champion at 165 lbs,...

A student feels pressure coming from every angle around them. I feel this way when everything picks up at once, and its hard to see through everything coming at once. Illustration by Moth Payne.

Mundane Mondays

Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter March 6, 2023

Alexa, stop. Alexa, stop. Alexa, STOP. Every morning at 6am, I practically chant the phrase across my room at my alarm going off. After thirty minutes of contemplating getting up, I roll out of bed and...

Senior Gianna Bruenning assists an underclassman with her squat rep. Teammate Delaynie Brown mentioned how winter workouts are a glimpse into the future of their team. Were...getting a look at what our program is gonna look like that year.

Springing Ahead

Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter March 2, 2023

Beginning in November, junior Ava Lunders double checked her bag to make sure she had everything. Tennis shoes, check. Cleats, check. Water bottle, check. After school, she heads to the weight room to...

Ahead lies the Rabbit Run Park trail. The trail, a loop, is a mile long with relatively flat terrain. Photo courtesy of Emily Sirtak.

Happily Hiking

Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter February 28, 2023

With Missouri’s spring weather, you never know what you’re going to get. One day it's snowing and windy, the next it's sunny and 95, and after that it’s raining and hailing. On the occasion that...

Working in class among her peers on a whiteboard, sophomore Jessica Ayres has experienced backlash at school from her choice to veil, but she finds sanctuary in veiling. I find it very liberating actually, [veiling] makes me feel better about myself, Ayres said.

Truth Be Told

Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter February 24, 2023

Imagine every human as a snowflake and every snowflake is unique. They are made from the same material, yet each have their own prisms, facets, and branches, determining what they look like, how and when...

The girls wrestling team breaks in celebration before their matches begin on November 30.

Cradling a Young Season

Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter January 3, 2023

The girls wrestling team is starting its season off on the right foot. On Dec. 17, they took home their second trophy of the season from the Kansas City Stampede, taking sixth out of 44 teams. Their success...

Scott Harris smiles as the Choir brings him on stage. Scott Harris goes to every event at Central to support the activities.

Harris’ Hard Work

Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter December 16, 2022

Going to any of the activities Central has to offer are always a fun way to spend your night. At any given event, you’re bound to see Athletic Director, Scott Harris, supporting athletes, talking to...

Student is overwhelmed by the applications in front of them.

Aligning The Lineup

Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter November 30, 2022

When you begin high school, college seems so far away. Many ignore the thought of college until their senior year, not putting any thought into their plans after high school. Four quick years later and...

Reed gives a pep talk to seniors Katie Groat and Kate Voges at State in Springfield. Reed and Rohrbach took Groat and Voges to State on October 13. Photo by FHC Tennis @FHCTennisFam

Deuces to Seniors

Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter November 9, 2022

On Tuesday, October 4th, the majority of the varsity girls tennis team wrapped up their season in a close 4-5 match in the Class 3 District 3 semi finals against St. Dominic. Senior, Loryn Thorpe, reflects...

Freshman Dominic Gianino watches the play happen in front of him in a game against Timberland. Gianino is the lone freshman on varsity and often plays nearly the whole game.

Fresh Faces on the Field

Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter November 1, 2022

Before the class of 2026 began roaming the hallways, they headed for the fields. Leading up to the week of tryouts, August 8th, fall participants had spent their whole summer, for multiple hours a day,...

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