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Senior Allie Raines gives a presentation on important environmental issues. This is a regular part of the biweekly Environmental Club meetiengs.

Beyond our Boundaries

Analiesa Hollowood, Staff Reporter May 19, 2023

The sun glimmers through the trees on an early spring day. Students work hard to remove the hostile honeysuckles. They wipe the sweat from their brow as they smell the crisp dirt on the ground. They...

There are so many things to keep track of this Prom season. Use this helpful list to keep track of everything that needs to be done.

Prom Preparation

Analiesa Hollowood, Staff Reporter March 15, 2023

The lights are shining in technicolor wonder; juniors and seniors alike are dancing their hearts out on the dance floor; Prom last year was a blast for those able to attend. Getting down on the dance floor...

Liam Nachrtab and Noah Layman play at the last band concert. Nachtram is very passionate about his trombone playing.

Band-ing Together

Analiesa Hollowood, Staff Reporter March 7, 2023

Band is picking up the tempo as they enter their spring season. State competitions, recruitment opportunities, and the Fine Arts Festival are just a few of the many events the band is participating in...

Many seniors are stressing over handling the financial burdens brought on by college acceptances. The girl in the illustration is sad because of these worries.

Costly College

Analiesa Hollowood, Staff Reporter March 1, 2023

Thirteen acceptances and not a clue how to pay for them. The beginning of this year was initially filled with excitement, college acceptances were rolling in and the joy of my near future was overwhelming....

The family tree represents all the different varieties of family dynamics. Every family is unique, much like every person is unique.

Dynamically Different

Analiesa Hollowood, Staff Reporter March 1, 2023

It’s been a long week. Guidance counselor, Mr. Dustin Bailey finally gets home after January 5th’s academic night ready to collapse into bed, but unfortunately his 4-year-old has other plans. Xander...

Analiesa Hollowood celebrates her graduation from the RAPS program at the Ronald McDonald House in Kansas City.

Invisibly Ill

Analiesa Hollowood, Staff Reporter January 17, 2023

       Waking up is a difficult task for any teenager, though most typically have the ability to move despite their zombie-like state. I, on the other hand, sit-up every morning, overcome by the...

Anabel Gundersen, Lizy Lopez, and Ms. Faye all help supervise an activities station at this years Special Olympics with STUCO.

Serving Our Community

Analiesa Hollowood, Staff Reporter December 13, 2022

Student Council has been a key part of the culture of FHC since its founding. “STUCO” as many know it by, is a student organization that focuses on working with teachers and the school as a whole to...

Jakob Bejik stares, deep in thought, about whether or not he will eat breakfast.

Taking a Break on Breakfast

Analiesa Hollowood, Staff Reporter December 9, 2022

Two high schoolers wake up, get out of bed, get dressed, and continue their hygiene routines. As they get ready for school their routines are identical, except for one key part. While one heads straight...

Setting the Pace

Analiesa Hollowood, Staff Reporter November 16, 2022

Another historic year is in the books for the girl’s cross country team. After making state for the second year in a row, with the team placing 11th and Reese McDevitt placing 10th, these girls deserve...

Seeing the Difference

Analiesa Hollowood, Staff Reporter November 1, 2022

Freshmen and seniors are very different classes. Many people assume that they know what to expect but whether it’s common misconceptions or stereotypes, there is a lot to get wrong when profiling...

Mr. Andy Messerli and his students work together to comprehend the complexeties of music theory. This class has faced many changes over the years, going from Central’s smallest class, to it’s largest.

Finding the Tempo

Analiesa Hollowood, Staff Reporter October 19, 2022

Tucked away within room 005b, during first hour every morning, students from all different backgrounds and experiences sit for AP Music Theory, taught by Mr. Andrew Messerli. This fine arts credit...

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