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The online home of the Central Focus

The online home of the Central Focus

Loss of words

Anonymous May 9, 2012

This past week has been relatively uneventful. The only huge thing that has happened, was that Jayden lost his first tooth. He was so excited; it’s cute. He wrote a letter to the tooth fairy saying how...

Senior year comes to a close

Anonymous May 7, 2012

Senior year is coming to an end; prom was last weekend, it was amazing. AP tests are this week, and finals are getting so close. When did it all get to this point? I feel like just yesterday I was walking...

Crazy good, nuff’ said

Anonymous April 26, 2012

This past week was crazy to say the least. My niece was born, and she’s perfect. I was offered a job at a tattoo place. I found out my roommates for college. Let’s start with my niece. She is so...

Breaking point

Anonymous April 16, 2012

I’m running out of patience. Let me start off to say, I’m about to talk about one of my classes. The events are real, but I will not say any names, nor will I tell what class it is, or when I have...

Love is all you need

Anonymous April 10, 2012

This week my blog will not be about me. It’s gonna be about JJ. I’m so happy for her; she’s no longer #foreveralone. Johnny, her boyfriend to be — that she has been having an emotional affair with...

Losing everything

Anonymous March 26, 2012

Well, break’s over. Sad to say, I loved the two weeks off. Spending day after day with JJ, you would think we would get sick of each other, but that’s not the case. I think that’s what I enjoy most...

What’s the point of it all?

Anonymous March 7, 2012

Where to begin? Well I’m writing this a few days early, because I feel like I need an outlet today. It’s Friday, the power went out when I started to type this. No bueno. I’m rambling about nothing,...

Slowly falling

Anonymous February 28, 2012

You guys are in for a treat! I actually have something to write about. Crazy stuff. Where to start. Hm, how about with the fact that I feel like I’m drowning, and although people love me and care about...

Ranting is for losers

Anonymous February 21, 2012

Hello, my lovely readers. Let me start off by saying, I hope you had a lovely weekend. Or, at least a better one than I did. Yes, that’s right. Another blog where I complain, it’s okay, I feel like...

Well deserved trust

Anonymous February 15, 2012

What to write about that can be put on the school website. Hmph. I could write about the same ole same ole; blah blah college, blah blah Jayden, blah blah life. I feel like I’m constantly complaining...

No where to go, but down

Anonymous February 8, 2012

Let’s talk about my grades, and we’ll see how far off I can get into a tangent, because I can’t really think of anything specific to talk about. First off, last week I missed a couple days of...

Push her down, pull her back up

Anonymous January 31, 2012

Let me just place a scenario in your head. There’s a girl and a guy. The girl has done something new with her appearance, lets say she dyed her hair from blond to a light brown, and she loves it. The...

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