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Chemistry teacher Mrs. Malkmus is directing students for a science experiment. Mrs. Malkmus was brought to FHC to replace the last chemistry teacher.

Keep an Ion the Prize

Birdie Brereton, Staff Reporter March 13, 2023

Sophomore Sophie Rosser is looking through the homework packet that she was given, scribbling an answer down before turning to her phone. How did her friend get that answer? Why are their answers completely...

A student wiping down the cafeteria tables. Due to the shortage in custodians, students have been hired to fill in the gaps.

Clean-up Crew

Birdie Brereton, Staff Reporter February 3, 2023

Splat! The sound of a mop hitting the floor sounds throughout the empty corridors of the nearby Hollenbeck Middle School. Senior Joey Siegler goes from sweeping, to mopping, to wiping off tables and boards....

Carson Mcclintock stands in front of opposing player.

Ice Ice Baby

Birdie Brereton, Staff Reporter December 16, 2022

The FHC hockey team won 4-3 in an intense battle for glory at their last hockey game on Friday 9th at the Rec Plex. Through the successful goals of hockey players Seeger Trendley, Jay Wynn, Jacob Haas,...

NHS members learn more about the general layout of the school year.

Progress in NHS

Birdie Brereton, Staff Reporter November 28, 2022

From helping with the STUCO Mac and Cheese food drive to working at a Speech and Debate tournament, NHS has been hard at work this year. Under the guidance of the sponsor, Mrs. Dena Dauve, NHS has been...

Let’s Talk About It

Birdie Brereton, Staff Reporter November 1, 2022

Human beings communicate through a plethora of different languages, and because of our reliance on speech to connect, as teenagers, every student is required to take at least two years of a world language...

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