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Wrestling: A sport full of Adversity

Wrestling: A sport full of Adversity

Makenzie Solis and Amelia Raziq May 23, 2023

  Amelia Raziq and Makenzie Solis dive into exploring a sport held close to both of their hearts: wrestling. The sport that gave them so much and had them looking at the bigger picture. How did...

The Art of Beatboxing

The Art of Beatboxing

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter May 23, 2023

Junior Mason Redford has a unique talent for beatboxing, and he describes how he learned how to beatbox and why it is so important and useful to him. He explains how beatboxing is a wonderful art form...

Mr. McCoy demonstrating and explaining a chemical reaction while his students watch.

Excitement within Enlightenment

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter May 22, 2023

In classes where the academic material can be boring or overwhelming, sophomore Hannah Halterman has a much harder time staying fully engaged with her teacher. Furthermore, other students resort to using...

All of the items for sale the Spartan market is showcasing in room 96 at FHC.

Pride and Improvement

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter May 11, 2023

Junior Clinton Payne, a student in special education, starts off the second hour of the day practicing retail management in the Spartan Market in room 96. His job consists of counting money, sorting used...

Freshman Claire Bisanz wearing a brace on her right arm.

The Perseverance Behind a Facade

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter May 10, 2023

A calamitous downpour, a raging storm, a swirling cloud of dust. These phrases describe the thoughts swimming through my mind after my worst knee injury on the morning of June 29, 2022; I felt destroyed....

Students walking off of a bus in the morning at FHC.

Does it Stop Here?

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter May 9, 2023

Three different policies including the implementation of a one-mile walk boundary, the consolidation of bus stops, and the changing of school bell times will take effect in the upcoming 2023-24 school...

District Board of Education Candidates standing together in a line in the Francis Howell Central Auditorium at the Candidate Forum on Wednesday, March 29.

Welcoming the Elected District Board Members

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter April 8, 2023

Elected candidates Mrs. Jane Puskar, Mr. Mark Ponder, and Mr. Ron Harmon will become directors of the Francis Howell School District Board of Education once proper training is completed, following the...

Items in room 96 ready for sale with price stickers on them.

Practical Practice

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter February 13, 2023

Most students take for granted the communication skills they possess and the ability to formulate responses to unfamiliar situations. Students in special education rarely get chances to practice such skills...

Some of the Varsity Girls Lacrosse players listening to their coach for instruction after school in the FHC stadium.

Pre-Season Perfection

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter February 9, 2023

At 6 a.m. sharp, lacrosse players can be found lifting weights to get in shape for the season that begins on Feb. 27. After 50 minutes of intense training, the players afterward proceed to their first...

The Speech and Debate team posing for a photo.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter February 3, 2023

Argumentation. Domination. Emotion. All of these words represent what goes down during a typical Speech and Debate tournament. Seniors Zain Bari and Platinum Liang express unique teamwork in various events...

Graham Webb reviewing their new schedule sitting in the guidance office.

Stressful Scheduling

Colin Nichols, Staff Reporter February 1, 2023

After taking many stressful finals tests, sophomore Parker Haberstroh had walked into her first-hour class hoping to sit by her friends. Throughout the last semester, she became comfortable with all of...

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