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Finding their passion

Isaiah Salin, Staff reporter March 6, 2019

It’s a typical Thursday afternoon for sophomore Carson Howe, during which he reads up on German history from the late 1800’s, and current German politics. He exhales, and picks up a new book on his...

Spanish Honor Society bracelets, made by impoverished people in Nicaragua and Guatemala, sit, waiting to be sold by members. The club only started this year and is already finding ways to help spread happiness outside of the school.

Beyond themselves

Kierigan McEvoy, Staff reporter March 6, 2019

Senior Grace James is involved in Central Outreach, National Honor Society, Principal’s Council, Areté, women’s tennis, track and field, and formerly Student Council and has witnessed first hand the...

Senior Rishith Mishra laughs along with Michelle McCune during AP Art History. Mishra talks Mrs. McCune about his life because he knows that she will listen and help him problem-solve.

That unique spark

Natalie Walsh, Staff reporter March 6, 2019

Waking up around six in the morning everyday to trudge to school is a battle endured by every high schooler; a battle most of us lose. The snooze button is smacked once (or twice), and when we finally...

The happy issue

The happy issue

Liz Baker, Central Focus Editor-in-Chief March 6, 2019

Part of the alto section posing for a photo after a performance at Mary Emily Bryan Middle School.

Rehearsing in the Big Apple

Liz Baker, Central Focus Editor-in-Chief February 15, 2019

This four day weekend will see the Chamber and Chorale choirs traveling to New York City to work with other choirs from around the world and composer Ola Gjeilo. Much of their days will be filled with...

Expanding beyond

Expanding beyond

Liz Baker and Lanie Sanders January 16, 2019

As second semester begins, the different fine art classes of FHC are getting into full swing. The theatre troupe and Chamber Choir are beginning their years with travel. The theatre troupe traveled to...

Image of a sketchbook with the sketch of a man reading. This was done as part of the 31- day sketchbook challenge put on by the art department.

31 drawings. 31 days. 3 winners.

Liz Baker, Central Focus Editor-in-Chief November 9, 2018

Every October, the company JP Creative launches a call to artists everywhere to create a new piece of art every day. This year, the call reached the National Art Honor Society at FHC. NAHS handed out 70...

Claudia Hensley feels her art deeply. Often, she has goosebumps while performing.

On the scene

Liz Baker, Central Focus Editor-in-Chief November 8, 2018

Everyone starts somewhere and for these musicians, St. Louis was their somewhere. From the St. Charles Main Street to house parties in the area, bands like The Slow Boys and solo artist Claudia Hensley...

There have been more than 400 times when President Donald Trump has labeled members of the media as fake news during his presidency. Newspapers around the country posted editorials standing up for their 1st Amendment rights.

Giving journalism a chance

Liz Baker, Editor-in-chief August 16, 2018

The press is not “the enemy of the people.” Any journalist worth anything will tell you that our entire job is to serve the people, to educate them on what’s happening behind closed doors, to ensure...

Mrs. Elisabeth Baird

Mrs. Elisabeth Baird

Elissa Staten, Staff photographer May 11, 2018

When I first walked into her classroom she took me underneath her wing. She made me love music again. Mrs. Baird cares about everyone who walks through her doors. She accepts them with open arms and helps...

Mr. Andrew Messerli

Mr. Andrew Messerli

Amy Wilkerson, Coverage editor May 11, 2018

When he’s on the podium, he’s not there to be paid to teach us how to play our instrument. He’s there to help us become better musicians. He truly cares about us and we know that by looking at how...

Ms. Christina Young

Ms. Christina Young

Kierston Fisher, Staff photographer May 11, 2018

It is near the end of another school year and the struggle bus is full of students (me included) But somehow you seem to make everything easier. You always know what to do to help keep us from stressing...

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