Motivation is for Losers

Lorelai Finoch, Staff Reporter June 2, 2022

Illinois-based author Fred Venturini, the self-proclaimed “Doritos of literature,” is a collection of horrific childhood traumas, a singular sense of humor, and a realist unlike any other who’s been...

The Future of Fine Arts

Lorelai Finoch, Staff Reporter April 8, 2022

From their casual meetings before and after school, to their donation of supplies at the Festival of the Arts, at the top of the National Art Honors Society’s lineup of events is this year’s addition...

Our Affinity for Entertainment

Lorelai Finoch, Staff Reporter February 20, 2022

According to Psychology Today, people have been re-watching shows more and more often than they start new ones, which has brought about the more common use of the term “comfort show,” to describe a...

Caught in the Middle

Lorelai Finoch, Staff Reporter December 21, 2021

In 2010, when my brother wasn’t even three, and I was five, my parents’ divorce was finalized. My mom, my brother and I moved in with our grandparents and I started seeing my dad during the days...

Steven Finoch lies in his hospital bed at Saint Joseph, waiting to be transferred to Missouri Baptist for surgery.

The Complications of Operations

Lorelai Finoch, Staff Reporter November 11, 2021

I had just started up a Netflix comedy special on my TV when my mom walked into the room, my step-mom, Ravyn, on speaker phone. She sat herself down on my bed and waited for Ravyn to begin. She took in...

Blithe Spirit show dates and ticket prices cover a magical background, previewing the shows mystical nature.

Breaking Through With Blithe

Lorelai Finoch, Staff Reporter November 4, 2021

The stage is set: a small set of tired high schoolers litter the school auditorium’s stage and read from their scripts, with their lines highlighted and underlined, notes scribbled in the margins, Mrs....

Growing Grapes: Senior Alayna Benz shows off her favorite pair of purple earrings. These grape bundles have been Benz’s favorite from the start

Earrings & Experimentation

Lorelai Finoch, Staff Reporter October 29, 2021

Nowadays, jewelry is something most everyone wears, whether it be rings, necklaces, earrings, or any other variety of piercings. It’s become commonplace for many people to adorn their bodies in silver,...

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