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In it for the Long Haul: Ezra Bailey in the middle of running the 1,600 meter for track and field.

Sprinting to the End

Lauren Rohde, Staff Reporter May 31, 2022

Following the unforeseen pandemic-focused school years, the 2021-2022 school year has been spent rebuilding the spirits of Spartan nation. Most activities enjoyed by the majority of the student body were...

Talking It Out: Choir Director Elisabeth Baird gives instructions to the girls in chorale. Meant to put her students at ease, the instructions given were thorough.

Once in a Lifetime

Lauren Rohde, Staff Reporter February 9, 2022

The bus ride to MMEA was dead silent, you could have heard a pin drop. It wasn’t fear that was clouding the all-female chorale, but rather immense excitement for their upcoming performance in front of...

SIGN, SIGN, SIGN: Choir is shown performing at their annual winter concert. The performance is similar to a practice round for chorale before they go to MMEA.

Performing for the Pros

Lauren Rohde, Staff Reporter February 7, 2022

The lights are shining brightly, some of it getting in Junior Analiesa Hollowood’s face. The once clear voices continuously get more muffled, until there is a slight ringing in her ears. Her hands are...

Kevin Unaware of Danger: Protagonist Kevin McCallister holds a map unaware that two escaped convicts stand right behind him.

Frosty Films

Lauren Rohde , Staff Reporter December 20, 2021

"Home Alone 2: Lost In New York" A great movie for the holiday season would be “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.” The comedic film focuses on Kevin McCallister, who boards a different plane...

The Complications of Crohns and Celiac

The Complications of Crohn’s and Celiac

Lauren Rohde, Staff Reporter November 5, 2021

Nobody ever imagines that if anyone was to get sick, that it would be them. Plenty of people would think of the elderly woman that lives down the street, or the father of a friend -- but the thought that...

Discussing the Change: Counselor Trevor Wolfe speaks to a student. Discussing with students their grades and how they look could be beneficial to students.

Switching the System

Lauren Rohde, Staff Reporter October 28, 2021

For those who are academically inclined, having a fresh start every quarter for grades is a stress reliever. It provides a clean start for those who might have had a rough time keeping good grades. Francis...

HOSA Vice President Zach Lewis holding a bucket of water from a lake. By testing water around FHC, HOSA is able to determine if there are environmental concerns around the school.

Future Doctors of FHC

Lauren Rohde, Staff Reporter October 25, 2021

Members of our FHC community may know about varsity level sports and will go to watch games or tournaments, but there seems to be a lack of knowledge surrounding other clubs that the school offers. HOSA...

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