Names not numbers

Lukas Mendel, Copy editor

May 5, 2017

Labels stick, and many students are labeled as merely the “smart kid” or an “AP student” when there is a entire aspect to them besides their intelligence that society tends to turn a blind eye to. The students can start to view themselves as simply their label and begin to lose sight of their i...

A moment in the spotlight

Members of jazz band Kayleigh Ammond, Sam Eckhoff, Bill Sander, Jake Leubbert practice in class. Kayleigh Ammond is one of the seniors who earned a one rating at districts.

Lukas Mendel, Copy editor

March 17, 2017

Band shares similarities with any typical group activity. Each member plays their specific instrument to contribute to the overall band to make one sound; however, it is very rare that the band members have their own time to shine in the spotlight as individuals. Roughly two weeks ago, the band had di...

Embracing perspective

Mackenize Morris displays nobody wins when others do not respect perspective. She is wearing a dunce cap saying

Lukas Mendel, Copy editor

March 3, 2017

No two people will have the same exact take on every single issue or idea. Sure people will share some similarities in beliefs, but ultimately, everyone has their own individual perspective on life. People will scream and fight simply because two individuals have their own perspective and their own i...

What bear is your Valentine date?

What bear is your Valentine date?

Lukas Mendel, Copy editor

January 26, 2017

Curious about which type of bear would be your date for this upcoming Valentine's Day? Take this quiz to see what bear you would date.

Contradicting the polls

Lukas Mendel, Copy Editor

November 16, 2016

It has been roughly a week since one of the most polarizing elections in American history has come to a close. America elected Donald J. Trump to lead the free world in the next four years as the president of the United States. America has seen numerous protests since the election winner has been annou...

Choosing the lesser evil

Lukas Mendel, Copy Editor

October 7, 2016

As Nov. 8th nears closer, the national election progresses to its end, and America is that much closer to having its new president. The Republican Party candidate running is Donald Trump with Mike Pence as his vice president and the Democratic Party candidate is Hillary Clinton with Tim Kaine as her ...

Another loss on the record

Lady Spartans spike back the ball to the receiving team.  They played and lost to Marquette and made their record 6-9.

Lukas Mendel, Copy Editor

September 30, 2016

The seats were almost packed, on Sept. 26th, to watch the awaited game of the FHC varsity girl’s volleyball team take on the Marquette’s varsity girl’s volleyball team, a known tough opponent. The teams both played hard, but the Marquette Mustangs started to pull a lead over the Lady Spartans....

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