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Senior Kara Middleton studies her notes in science class. She committed to Aurora University early last year.

The Big Commitment

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter May 25, 2023

Senior Kara Middleton began playing lacrosse in her freshman year, and despite an injury in her second season, she has remained focused on her sport and on playing in college, committing to Aurora University...

Library media specialist Cassandra Flores running and event from the Griot Museum. This activity allows students to learn in an engaging and interactive way.

Solace in the Commons

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter May 24, 2023

As the bell rings and seminar begins, students start to file into the Learning Commons. After they sign in, the students are directed to tables in the center of the area, where themed snacks and drinks...

Chemistry teacher Mr. Scott Thorpe teaches his class about elements and their bonds with each other. Thorpe, who won teacher of the year in 2011, is known for his passionate and engaging teaching style. He plans to retire at the end of this year.

Retiring With a Legacy

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter May 23, 2023

As senior Andrew Johnson makes his way through his final year of high school, he often thinks back to his junior year. His English III class, taught by  Mrs. Patricia Shockley, had been one of his favorite...

Elaina Rainwater, one of the organizers for a game of Senior Assassin stands with goggles on. Wearing goggles is the only way to guarantee safety in Senior Assassin.

Last Senior Standing

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter May 18, 2023

As senior Nathan Reitz makes his way through his daily life, every time he leaves home or school grounds, he’s on edge. He’s always aware of his surroundings, checking any area he enters for signs...

Percy Jackson dramatically clashes with the Minotaur. Percy is played by Milo Nichols, the Minotaur is played by Jerry Forno.

An Electrifying Production

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter May 17, 2023

As audience members walk into the auditorium, they are greeted by a room buzzing with excitement. They are all here to see one thing: “The Lightning Thief”, a musical based on the Percy Jackson series....

Junior Alanah Braun works to break her opponent down.

Newer Program, New Success

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter February 14, 2023

As junior Stevie Lupo prepares for her Friday wrestling tournament, it’s difficult to contain the feelings of anticipation for the event. After a weigh in, Lupo has an hour to eat with the rest of the...

Strange People, Stranger Conversations

Strange People, Stranger Conversations

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter January 24, 2023

Late last summer, senior Santino Cirami and some close friends of his were walking around Main Street, St. Charles, looking for somewhere to eat. Down the street, the group was surprised to see an individual...

I Dont Talk About Music

I Don’t Talk About Music

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter January 24, 2023

My mother is a music teacher. Growing up, all my exposure to music was through what she listened to, which I don’t think is particularly uncommon. However, my mom’s exaggerated and dramatic sense of...

Senior Bri Mason is in her senior season at FHC. Mason sprints across the court at a recent Girls Basketball game. Photo by Aniya Sparrow.

Communication to Build a Foundation

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter January 9, 2023

Just like any other team sport, in basketball, communication is key. With a new generation of players, issues can arise from a lack of that communication. Having played basketball long before her freshman...

Students watch a movie on the projector in class.

Quality Or Not, You’ll Still Go See It

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter November 7, 2022

Every year there are hundreds of movies, games, and TV shows produced and released, and it just so happens that most of them are awful. It’s a fact of life that will likely never change. Even if a project...

Environmental Club president Allie Raines presents to other members on carbon footprints.

Small Changes, Big Impact

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter November 7, 2022

 Going into it’s fourth year of operation, the Environmental Club faces a mountain of problems. With their founding being so recent, it can be difficult to get students interested, and even more so...

Eddy Fawcett and Dominic Debro read together in their creative writing class.

Playing Musical Chairs

Nolan Haberstroh, Staff Reporter October 20, 2022

Meeting in the 3rd grade, seniors Dominic Debro and Eddy Fawcett have been friends nearly all their lives. After being sent to separate middle schools, they reunited in their freshman year, and soon after...

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