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The online home of the Central Focus

The online home of the Central Focus

The president of Eplison Beta, Lorelei and Zoe work on a blank bulletin board. Bulin Boards help clubs stay updated on the lastest news in the club. Photo by Aniya Sparrow

Getting Involved Again

Olivia McCary, Staff Reporter October 21, 2021

The after school hallways are full of life as teens run to cars, get on the buses, hangout in groups, attend sports, and wait to be picked up. Perhaps a favorite is club activities. Ranging from HOSA to...

In order to keep choir members and spectators healthy, singers were spaced out and the amount of viewers was limited to two per student. These safety precautions allowed the choir to finally show off the skills they have been building this semester. Photo courtesy OF FHC Choir

Precautious Performance

Olivia McCary, Staff Reporter January 15, 2021

The lights dim. You feel the lights brighten on you, and the concert you never thought would happen begins. After singing yourself through about four songs, the lights dim, and you find your way back to...

The drum line at Howell preview, One of the only band events this year.

Band COVID-19 Restrictions

Olivia McCary, Staff Reporter October 23, 2020

With the new COVID restrictions, the marching band has been hit particularly hard. With an almost cancelled season, reduced practices, no competitions, and very few performances, the marching band has...

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