Life after high school

Kaleigh Zehnle, Staff reporter

May 16, 2016

As seniors prepare to graduate and enter adulthood, they have to figure out what to do with their life after high school. Some may choose to go to college, enter the workforce, go to a trade or technical school, or join the army. This map provides a visual of where students are going in reference to...

Struggling to study

Struggling to study

Kaleigh Zehnle, Staff reporter

May 6, 2016

The past two years, my junior and senior years, prom has been in between the two weeks of AP testing. Due to this poor planning, us upperclassmen are trying to get ready to enjoy a great night, yet we are plagued by thoughts of our upcoming AP tests. Even though my tests will be over by prom and I don’t have to ...

Coming to an end

Abram Cutshall, David Tuttle, Jacob Slone, and Gea Henry act in the show.

Kaleigh Zehnle, Staff reporter

April 28, 2016

This past weekend, the Spotlight Players put on their last show of the year, “The Wizard of Oz.” Being the last one, it was bittersweet for many people, especially the seniors, since this was the last show of their high school career. One senior who is sad to see their high school theatre career e...

Overcoming Obstacles

The cast does a script read-through for the upcoming show.

Kaleigh Zehnle, Staff reporter

March 8, 2016

With a few weeks of rehearsals out of the way, the Spotlight Players are making progress for the performances of “The Wizard of Oz” despite some challenges that have been thrown in their way, including the absence of director Mrs. Cori Nelson due to surgery. Mrs. Nelson’s absence wasn’t as big of a setba...

There’s no place like home

Mrs. Nelson and the cast do a script read through.

Kaleigh Zehnle, Staff reporter

January 26, 2016

As second semester begins, the Spotlight Players are preparing for the spring musical, “The Wizard of Oz.” With applications for cast and crew coming in and auditions taking place, students are being given opportunities in a show they have never had before. Senior Emily Gelski and junior Maddy Miller...

Spotlight Players rehearse for the upcoming auditions

Rachel Fortney wears a princess costume and stands on a chair during

Kaleigh Zehnle, Staff reporter

December 11, 2015

With the fall play out of the way, The Spotlight Players have turned their attention to the spring musical, “The Wizard of Oz.” Auditions for the musical will follow winter break and be sometime in January. Preparing for any auditions can sometimes be a lot of work for the thespians. Accordi...

A curiously good performance

Mackenzie Morris, Rachel Fortney, and Gea Henry look at a newspaper in

Kaleigh Zehnle, Staff reporter

November 24, 2015

There is always a tinge of excitement in the air when the lights in the auditorium flash to notify the audience that the show will start in five minutes, and it was no different at this year’s fall play, “The Curious Savage.” The performances of “The Curious Savage” came and went so quickly for th...

Down to the wire

The set for

Kaleigh Zehnle, Staff reporter

November 11, 2015

  As the performances for “The Curious Savage” draw near, the crew heads and their crews frantically put the finishing touches on the sets, costume, props, and anything else needed to put on the show. Often, crews don’t get as much credit as cast members do, because all of their work h...

Practice makes perfect

Holding a two-by-four in place , junior Paige Jamieson saws a piece of wood for a platform being constructed by the set crew  of

Kaleigh Zehnle, Staff reporter

October 2, 2015

After just a few weeks of rehearsals, the Spotlight Players have already made progress in getting ready to perform “The Curious Savage” on November 19, 20 , and 21. Theatre director Mrs. Cori Nelson is pleased with how rehearsals have been going. “We actually have the whole entire show blo...

New year, new shows

The cast of

Kaleigh Zehnle, Staff reporter

September 11, 2015

Every year, the Spotlight Players has a show reveal, where everyone interested in being a part of theatre for the school year can go to learn the shows for the upcoming year. Theatre director Mrs. Cori Nelson enlists the help of the thespian troupe officers for deciding the shows that will be performed...

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