September 2019: Rooted in reality

September 2019: Rooted in reality

Kayla Reyes, Print editor-in-chief

October 1, 2019

This month's cover story focuses on environmental issues and how they affect teenagers.

Leading the French Revolution

Two students work on an activity worksheet and one of them asks for help from Madame Roznos who gladly helps. Madame Roznos has worked at FHC for three years as a French teacher only to come to school, teach a lesson and hand out lesson worksheets over the lesson, this year however, is different.

Ruthann Kimbrel, Staff reporter

June 20, 2019

The neat pods of desks invite students into the brightly colored French class of room 237. Inside sits students eagerly waiting to work on an interactive activity put together by Ms. Amy Roznos. The French program is one of three foreign language courses available at any high school grade level in th...

Tuning Tantrum

Patrick Sheehan, BEAT editor

June 18, 2019

Tuning is an essential part of music. It creates sound as the composer intended it to be in any particular piece of music. The standard tuning note is A=440 Hz and has been this way since 1926 in America. All of your favorite songs have been composed using this frequency of tuning; however, there has b...

Face-off With the Founders

Face-off With the Founders

Marcus Falcomata, Staff-Reporter At-Large

June 16, 2019

Prior to the 2016 Spring sports season, there was discussion and excitement all over the halls of FHC, as it was announced that a girl’s lacrosse team would now be included in the options for female athletes at Howell Central. At the time, Senior Ansley Chilcoat was immediately intrigued. “Gir...

Fresh Beat

Jacob Edwards, Staff Wielder Supreme

June 6, 2019

The beat starts. The chords come in next. Percussion. Acoustics. Then, the melody and vocals. Behind the computer is Tony Belonog, a junior with a unique passion: music production. “I never really focus on the vocals, it’s more on, like, actual music,” Belonog said. “And I’ve always been cur...

Restoring the Circle

CIRCLE UP: The freshman circles took place in the small gym on Feb. 20 during seminar. The prompt for this meeting was passion, which the freshmen took turns answering.

Robyn Ziegemeier, Staff reporter

June 6, 2019

The seminar on Feb. 20 was just another day for the majority of students. Unlike the rest of the school, the entirety of the freshman class headed towards the small gym for their once a quarter gathering to participate in restorative circles. Once at the gym, they went into their smaller groups they ...

Continuing the grind

Yaniah Curry is on the move, prepping to catch a pass from a teammate. This is her fourth year on the FHC varsity team, an impressive feat for any player in any sport, and will be attending the University of Toledo in Ohio on a basketball scholarship.

Megan Percy, Discover editor

June 6, 2019

Many graduating seniors see moving onto college from high school as a way to let go of themselves and move on from who they were as adolescents. They say goodbye to the teachers and peers they have coexisted with for 4 years. But seniors Yaniah Curry and George Schlotzhauer, and millions of others ac...

Fierce first female

Sophia Tran wins her first match on December 5th against Fort Zumwalt South. This was the first win by a girl in the school's history.

Jacob Edwards, Staff reporter

February 25, 2019

Wrestling is a physical and mental sport. It takes every ounce of strength possible to be successful, and even then there is no guarantee of success. For the longest time, wrestling was known as a purely male sport. But times are changing, and so is the sport. This winter, Francis Howell Central introduc...

Saving A Life

Maddie Fuller, Staff Reporter

February 8, 2019

Driving down State Highway 141, the Barcombs were on their way to their niece's wedding, dressed up in a tuxedo and a nice dress, having small talk. Suddenly, Lyle Barcomb starts to feel dizzy; his vision starts to blur as sweat trickles down his forehead. Before anyone can react, he falls unconscious beh...

Calvin’s Lens

Calvinists in Lyon, France looting churches in 1562. The process of iconoclasm, or the elimination of ornate symbols in churches, was very common among protestants during this time period, Calvinists included.

Marcus Falcomata, Staff Reporter At-Large

November 30, 2018

It is no secret that our society today is extremely disconnected from the world of religion, faith, and theology. When I have religious discussion, it is not typical for the surface of theology to even be scratched. Typically, only a “Do you go to church?. Within Christianity, there are around 33,000...

Relying on visual reality

A student, after opening hours on their different devices everyday, finds themselves  exhausted

Megan Percy, Discover editor

November 17, 2018

Every morning, an alarm trills from a small speaker, waking freshman Clara Kilen. She then opens it, checking the news, her social media, her games, even the weather- she doesn’t even have to get out of bed to get a jump start on the day. Her life is on a portable device she and millions of others...

Fact or Fiction

100 students at FHC were surveyed, and these were the final results.

Jessica Fults, Feature editor

November 14, 2018

“Standing too close to the microwave causes cancer,” the headline flashes across the screen on Twitter. The ‘researchers’ who wrote the report found a correlation between the two. It sounds feasible, so it starts to rapidly spread throughout different social media platforms. The truth is, he...

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