Senior Allen Butterfield prays over freshman Lucas Schuster and junior Tyler Hoskins. This particular meeting was all about being there for your friends and supporting them. The participants met in small groups and poured their hearts out. They shared their struggles, their praises, and their love for the Lord.

A Journey of Faith

MAV is a new Bible study deepening the meaning of faith in every stage of life.
Kierigan McEvoy, Web Assignments Editor January 2, 2020

She holds a book. It is blue and dark brown with engravings of flowers covering the front of it. It is not pristine and new, but rather worn with page markers and post-it notes sticking out in every direction....

FHC Bible Study

FHC Bible Study

Emily Wolfe, Staff Photographer December 10, 2019

Every Tuesday, students meet in Mrs. Kathy Maupin’s classroom at 6:30 in the morning to share time together in prayer. They eat food, read the bible, share stories, pray for each other, and create relationships....

Reduce, reuse, create

Gretchen Wood and Ben Freeman December 6, 2019

On Thursday, December 5th, the environmental science classes made projects out of recycled projects. They used plastic, paper and other materials that could be reused. The projects were made with competition...

Guitar Appreciation

Gretchen Wood and Ben Freeman December 6, 2019

In the first hour, a lot of students are in class learning content, but in room 006, students are learning how to play guitar in the class Music Appreciation. A Lot of the students are new to learning...

Environmental Club members plan upcoming events and ways to limit the amount of waste the community puts into the environment.

Be the Change

How the Environmental Club plans to change bad habits
Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter October 10, 2019

Although the Environmental Club is brand new it has big ambitions to help our community. The newly founded club already has 10 members so far and they hope to expand their numbers over the next few months....

PRINCESS PREPARATION: The ReFresh office, the headquarters for the Cinderella Project, holds thousands of dresses for each gril to choose from. VIPS (Very Important Princesses) get to look through as many dresses as it takes for them to find the perfect one.

Prom dreams do come true

The Cinderella Project helps area girls find their way to prom when finances weren't going to allow them to attend
Kayla Reyes, Social media editor May 20, 2019

As soon as *Olivia Smith saw herself in the dress, she knew it was the one. She loved it: the silky, cream-colored material and the way the light gleamed on the iridescent sequins lining the fabric. She...

Families and Friends at Ice Cream Social

Families and Friends at Ice Cream Social

families and friends get together to eat ice cream and have entertainment of music by FHC choirs
Meghan Zadell, Staff photographer May 16, 2019

With music and entertainment. On May, 10 2019, families and friends come together and eat ice cream and listen to our awesome choir groups preform all of their hard work.

Making something ugly something beautiful

Making something ugly something beautiful

a beautiful masterpiece
Meghan Zadell, Staff photographer May 10, 2019

Beautiful big art mural painted by our art club after car crash.

Marie Cook, Elyssa Herrera and Evelyn Herrera perform at the Pink Out Pep Rally. The seem to be spinning their flags in time.

Preparation with purpose

FHC Winter guard train mentally, emotionally and physically for their Feb. 23 competition
Ruthann Kimbrel and Holly Whaley February 19, 2019

Preparing for competitions, especially later ones in which judges become more critical in performances for the successful implementation to exceed the judges expectations it takes hard work, life-draining...

After their performance on January 26th, the guard poses for a photo.  They had placed in 7th of sixteen guards there in their class

The mighty eight show how “Tomorrow Starts Now”

FHC Winter Guard take seventh place out of sixteen in their first Class A competition
Ruthann Kimbrel and Holly Whaley February 1, 2019

 Everything seemed to be going wrong for sophomore Gianna Deidrick, it was her first winter guard competition, her coach was late and no one knew where their coach was.   “We were a huge mess. Nami...

My favorite photo: Savannah Drnec

My favorite photo: Savannah Drnec

Savannah Drnec, Staff Photographer January 1, 2019

  As a band your energy comes from the energy that the crowd radiates, and this night the energy was through the roof. You could tell that the lead singer was enjoying the time he was having up...

My Favorite Photo: Grant Boehne

My Favorite Photo: Grant Boehne

Grant Boehne, Staff Photographer December 24, 2018

This is a photo of part of the swim team at GACs (their finals). This is my favorite photo because it expresses the kind of bond the swim team has. Every year, as tradition, some of the boys volunteer...

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