September 2019: Rooted in reality

October 1, 2019

This month's cover story focuses on environmental issues and how they affect teenagers.

April 2019 Issue: Central Focus

April 12, 2019

A look back at the school year’s most captivating moments in photo.

March 2019 Issue: Against the norm

Conformist nature of education system makes it hard for creativity to flourish
April 5, 2019

This month's conformity issue highlights the issues of school learning and the new learning styles that emerge from these problems. In Discover, the individuality and intelligence in the school environment...

February issue: Why I Didn’t Report

The February issue of the Central Focus: Why I Didn't Report
February 22, 2019

In the #MeToo era, stories of sexual assault arise

December 2018 issue: The Happy Issue

December 11, 2018

Need a lift as finals draw near? Enjoy 28 pages of positivity

October 2018 issue: In Living Memory

October 26, 2018

Remembering loved ones helps in processing grief

September 2018 issue: Blinded by the Blue Light

The evolution of technology and how it sets Gen Z apart
October 8, 2018

The September issue of the Central Focus contains stories about how technology has shaped an entire generation.

A look back

May 4, 2018

The fire within

May 4, 2018

Their stories: May issue full

Multiple students share how mental illness has affected their lives
May 4, 2018

December 2017 edition

January 18, 2018

This issue explored students and their sleep habits, as well as diving into the story of a fifth brother who has been a member of FHC bands.

September 2017 issue

September 28, 2017

On Aug. 8, math teacher and Sensations coach Roxanne Fetsch was admitted to the ER with severe back pain. Within the week, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, also called ALL, a disease...

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