Girls Volleyball Team Takes on Howell High

Senior Emma Hultz goes to celebrate a point with her teammates. The team makes sure to keep a positive attitude after each point to encourage perseverance despite tough competition.

Natalie Walsh and Essy Ingram

September 23, 2020

On Sept. 15, the girls volleyball team lost to Howell High in their fifth set of the game. As of this year, teams now play best of five sets instead of three. This new rule provides a more accurate result of which team outplayed the other, but has been rather extraneous on the players. Senior Gwendoly...

Cross Country Senior Night

Natalie Walsh is congratulated by Dr. Sonny Arnel after receiving her senior night award.

Rhyen Standridge, Photo Editor

September 22, 2020

For most Senior team members, they have been on this journey together for four years. Despite the difficulty of the sport, many enjoy being surrounded by the people on the team and will miss it in the future. For Senior Lily Chung, the senior celebration was more emotional than expected. "The reality of it be...

Tennis Senior Night

Erin Reitz, Captain, hugs her teammate during an emotional senior night ceremony

Rhyen Standridge, Photo Editor

September 22, 2020

In many aspects this fall sport is much the same, despite the use of masks the team continues to enjoy their season and make the most of it. Seniors this year were celebrated in normal fashion with the senior night award ceremony that took place on Sept. 14. For captain, Erin Reitz, the season has be...

Football Senior Night

Alex Vogel is awarded with his medal by Dr. Sonny Arnel

Rhyen Standridge, Photo Editor

September 21, 2020

Most senior nights conclude a season and leave the seniors off to find what they intend to do with their careers in college. However, this year brought on an early senior night on only the second football game of the season on Sept. 11. While many still don't know what their future holds for them, some a...

Lightning Prevails

Lightning Prevails

Samantha Castille, Staff Photographer

September 21, 2020

On Sept. 8 the junior varsity football team played against St. Dominic. The team neither won nor lost due to the fact that the game was cancelled soon after it started because of lightning. When the game was cancelled the score was 7-0 with St. Dominic in the lead. Next the team will play against Wentzville a...

Cheer and Dance Senior Night

Sanya Suri walks confidently to receive her senior night award

Rhyen Standridge, Photo Editor

September 21, 2020

An emotional night for many teammates on the cheer and dance squad was pushed to the beginning of the season due to fear of the school closing early again. With the date being moved up to Sept. 11, the experience for many felt rushed and strange.  As Senior Sensation Sanya Suri explained she did not expect herself to be ...

A Game Changer

Junior, Dylon Eller, kneeling with his helmet ready to play.

Maya Culian, Staff Photographer

September 18, 2020

In most cases a loss would bring a team down, but that’s not the case for Francis Howell Central’s “Varsity” Football Team. On Sept. 4, they played Fort Zumwalt South in a game of tug-o-war. In the end, they lost with a final score of 42-20, but that didn’t stop them from keeping their heads held high, as te...

Taking on Troy

Junior, Ayden Boss runs for the ball in hopes of scoring for his team.

Grace Hutchinson, Staff Photographer

September 18, 2020

A close game for the Varsity Soccer team at Troy High School leaves the players satisfied with their performance. On Thursday, Sept. 10, the team came out of a battle against Troy with a win. Ayden Boss, a member of the team, thought they played and adjusted to their opponent effectively. “I thoug...

Skillful Slides

Leah Fann sliding into home.

Aniya Sparrow, Staff Photographer

September 18, 2020

On Tuesday Sept. 8, Francis Howell Central’s JV Softball team went up against their continuous rivals at Francis Howell High School. The girls played with a lot of excitement and skill as they encouraged each other through the entire duration of the game. Though the game was very close, the Sparta...

Opponents in Gold

Coach Eddie Mulholland talks to the team during halftime.

Chloe Schwab, Staff Photographer

September 16, 2020

Francis Howell Central’s JV soccer team made their way over to Fort Zumwalt East’s field on September 8th, 2020, to play their opponents in gold. After only playing two games prior, Central didnt know what to expect. By going in strong and playing to their best ability, the team was able to pull in th...

Sliding Into Another Victory

Emily Chadwick, Junior, tagging her Howell opponent out at second base.

Riley Wania, Staff Photographer

September 15, 2020

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, Varsity softball defeated rival Francis Howell on their home field for the first time this season. This 15-5 victory was reassuring to the team, as they continue on with their season.  “It’s a different feeling facing your rival school. I am just glad the score came out in...

Hitting Their Stride

Emily Chadwick prepares to take the plate.

Hannah Bernard, Video Editor

September 14, 2020

Following their recent victories against Seckman and Howell, the Varsity Softball team faced off against Holt on Thursday Sept. 10. The Spartans entered the game with a record of 4-2. With a 9-4 victory over Holt, the girls entered a three game winning streak. Junior Emily Chadwick attributes the ...

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